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Thursday, November 25, 2010

You want to know how I got...


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  1. Oh, I thought it was easy! The connection is The Joker from The Dark Knight.
    1st pic is of Victor Hugo, who wrote the novel The Man Who Laughs, whose central character was the inspiration for creation of Joker by the authors of Batman.
    2nd pic is that of Conrad Veidt (Strasser from Casablanca) who was the 1st person to portray this character.

    3rd pic is of Elizabeth Short who was brutally murdered in the 1940s by someone who managed to give her scars around her lips, which ever since is known by Glasgow smile, something which The Joker boasts. 4th pic is a map of England showing Glasgow.

    5th and 6th pics are the first two persons who had portrayed Joker in a Batman movie. The 3rd person would of course be Heath Ledger.

    The title is also a giveaway: The famous one-liner from The Dark Knight by The Joker: You want to know how I got these scars?


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